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Finding schools for struggling teens for student placement services can be an exasperating process for parents and guardians who want the best for their child. The S.T.E.P. Group specializes in offering educational placement and testing for struggling teens and students with special academic, emotional and/or behavioral needs. Our team of licensed psychologists is dedicated to helping parents find the best educational and emotional solution for their son or daughter in search of student placement services. An individualized plan for each family includes matching students with schools and providing educational planning, guidance and ongoing support. We have the best to offer in our knowledge of struggling teen programs to fit your child’s needs and to get them back on track and enjoy the learning process.

While traditional schools may work well for many students, parents sometimes need to explore alternative educational settings. Our staff of experts are trained both clinically and educationally in student placement services for struggling teens.

Unique to our practice is our Ph.D. level of professionals who are experienced in understanding the complexity of struggling teen services. Our frequent visits to a wide variety of schools for struggling teens and therapeutic programs ensure that we have extensive knowledge of available options to find an environment in which a child can learn, grow and thrive.

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