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Common Questions

How do you know when your child needs a placement within struggling teen program?

Placement is determined by several different factors based on a child’s level of need. The first question parents need to ask themselves is if their child is at risk. Children may be at risk for failing in school, submitting to peer pressure, destruction of family relationships, failure to thrive in the adult world, drug and alcohol use/abuse, self-harm and legal problems. Each child’s unique situation needs to be evaluated.

How do you evaluate your child to assess their risk level?

Understanding a child holistically is critical in the assessment process. A comprehensive evaluation, either Psycho-Educational or Neuropsychological Testing, elucidates educational, attentional, social, emotional and behavioral concerns. Born out of the testing an Educational Consultant can assist in providing feedback to a family about the potential risk factors.

How do you choose an Educational Consultant?

Educational Consultants should be selected based on the student placement services that they provide, their clinical expertise, and the experience they have in formerly placing children in diverse settings.

When interviewing a consultant ask about their range of services including comprehensive assessments within their practice, the diagnostic evaluation with the child and family that takes place prior to a placement, the repertoire and knowledge of schools they possess, and the ongoing follow-up and monitoring of a child that they provide after a child is placed in a school for struggling teens or a struggling teen program.

Educational Consultants all have different backgrounds and experience with schools and psychological issues. If your child is struggling with emotional, social, and behavioral concerns, a consultant with an advanced degree in psychology can most effectively understand the complicated issues that underlie a child’s psychological makeup.

How can you get more information about placement?

Although the internet provides a vast range of placement options, an Educational Consultant helps a family navigate through the difficult, confusing and overwhelming process of finding a school/program. An Educational Consultant can provide a family with all the information they need to make informed decisions about the best match to meet their child’s needs. When working with an Educational Consultant it is recommended to speak with a family who can share their personal experience in having placed their child with the assistance of that consultant.

How do I get my child to cooperate if they are unwilling to go away?

Most children are not in a mature state of mind to make decisions about what is best for them. It is ultimately up to parents to decide if their child needs a placement intervention. An Educational Consultant will guide a family in discussing options of transporting their children to school/programs in the safest manner.

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